C2BU – Courage to be You

In the worst dream I have ever had I was running down the street that I grew up on chasing a car that was being driven by a very evil man.  I was frantic!  I couldn’t breathe!  I could see in the back window the face of my younger sister. She looked terrified and I knew I had to save her, but I was too slow.  He had her and there was nothing I could do.  Thank God, it was just a dream.

However, there are so many children who are desperately in need of someone to rescue them and to believe in them.  Some have run away from home, some have been taken, given and even sold, sometimes by their own families.  I STRONGLY encourage you to go to a C2BU (courage to be you) concert so that you can learn more about the painfully disturbing sex trafficking industry.  It is right under our noses and in our back yards and it is time that we put an end to it.

I have written a song called ‘something missing’ that I sing at each of the benefit concerts for C2BU.  The song is written from the perspective of one of the children that has been a victim of the sex industry.  It is on the C2BU CD that you can purchase at any of the benefit concerts or you can order it from the C2BU website (www.c2bu.com).

Please do not bury your head in the sand because this is too painful a subject to think about.  You can help.  Check out the website to find out when the next concert is and go. You will not be sorry!


  • Jenny

    I was a victim too, your song really hits me! Thank you Chaya!

    Jenny (A.K.A. 017616… my slave number)

  • Blanca

    Abduction can also occur through the continued sexual abuse of a parent who the child looks up to for love and nurturing, for assurance in life. The abduction of a child’s spirit is devastating and damaging beyond complete and true repair until they find the love of our true Father. Thank you Chaya for your love through your songs, for your nudge toward my spiritual healing. May the Holy Spirit continue to work through you my dear friend.  Blanca