Jackson, MS….18,700 flights canceled, but we still made it there!!

This past weekend Rick and I went to Clinton, Mississippi to be a part of a Courage To Be You Conference with Jenny Williamson and a few other people. It was a bit chilly but nevertheless it was a very nice experience.  After 18,700 flights canceled, due to weather conditions, somehow we were able to find a route that got us to Jackson, MS.  Though we did have to fly into Birmingham, AL and drive four hours to Jackson, MS, we did make it there…finally

I had heard that people in the south aren’t very fond of Californians, and I, like them, am a bit suspicious of Californians myself :).  However, our experience of ‘ya’ll ‘ in the south was extremely welcoming and warm…(despite whatever reservations you may have toward Californians ;-).  We also found that if you were to replace every Starbucks Coffee in California with a church, you would be in the south.  They literally DO have a church on almost EVERY block…but WHERE are all the Starbucks in the south??

While we were there I was also able to share my testimony with the lovely folks at The Church at NorthShore.  This church is so great.  They have created a relaxing and welcoming environment with round tables, breakfast snacks, coffee and even paper on the tables with crayons for kids to draw.  There was a sweet sense of God’s Presence with us there.  Truly you all were a blessing to Rick and I.  We had so much fun going out to lunch with you after church!  You are refreshingly authentic and I hope to visit you again someday.

Of course my favorite thing about the south…(drum roll please) the SWEET TEA! (said in my best southern accent)  The King Cake wasn’t bad either!  Rick got the piece with the baby.  If you don’t know the history of the King Cake you should google it.  It’s interesting!…