Powerful for Women’s Events, Leading Worship, Church Services, and Performing the Great American Standards with a very Modern Style:


With a message that touches the heart and a singing voice that inspires, CHAYA tells of the greatness of God’s mercy and grace. She has experienced His love, forgiveness, and healing in a most powerful way, and longs for everyone she comes in contact with to have that same experience. She reaches all ages with her personal story that tells of a wonderfully happy childhood that was shattered when she entered her early teens. She speaks candidly about how she chose the path of bitterness and anger instead of softening her heart. She tells of the road back to wholeness through Jesus Christ, and is living proof that with a life sold out to the Lord, there is hope and triumph in the midst of tremendous heartbreak.

CHAYA has been privileged to lead worship at many churches, and is often asked to return multiple times. Her reputation precedes her, as she is known as being very flexible and a pleasure to work with. Her piano style is similar to well-known worship leader/recording artist Jason Upton. Her voice has been compared to that of jazz singer, Diana Krall and soul/R&B sensation, Joss Stone. Having written much of the music that she performs, she is able to reach from her heart directly into the hearts of her listeners.

She is in demand as a speaker/singer for women’s events, conferences, retreats, Christmas Programs, and church services. She has opened for the popular duo, Shane and Shane, and performed in venues with people such as Rebecca St. James, and Fernando Ortega. She has four CD’s out, with the latest album, ‘Mood for love’, produced by Ralph Stover, who has worked with MANY talented musicians!

Whether CHAYA is ministering to a small group, or to thousands, there is an astounding feeling of intimacy. Since giving her life to Jesus Christ, she knows that whatever the setting, it’s where the Lord has placed her. People seem drawn to come up to her and tell her that the words she spoke or sang cut directly to their heart. She says that this is what makes her ministry exciting and worthwhile, and it confirms that this is what God has called her to.

Chaya’s husband, Rick, is a worship and sports pastor at their church in Chico CA.  They have been married 15 years and have four beautiful children.


Chaya’s Testimonial

Christian artist Chaya came into the world in 1981 to a confused 17 year old girl who was not at all ready to be a mother. It was decided soon after Chaya was born that it would be best for her to be raised by her grandparents. So, at ten months of age, Chaya’s grandparents became mom and dad. From that point on, her mother was dedicated to nothing less than making sure, even at her young age, that Chaya would know the Lord in an intimate way.

By age three she fully understood His love for her and accepted Him as her Savior. However, a series of tragic incidents would leave an indelible mark upon Chaya’s heart, which would negatively affect her Christian faith. When Chaya was 12, her natural mother was killed in a car accident. This was very difficult for Chaya and her heart began to harden. Her pain found expression in music and at age 14 she wrote her first song, “I Have a Promise”. But life was to take some still harder turns.

Finding out about her father’s long-term affair left her angry and confused. Her bitterness grew and by 17, with her childlike passion and faith grown cold, she turned to the world for fulfillment. But she kept on writing.  Her music was her catharsis. But then tragedy struck again – one of her closest friends was killed in a car accident. His name was Andy. He was twenty-one years old. Chaya’s heart became incredibly broken and all of her pent up bitterness shattered. In the midst of this pain and hurt, she remembered the God of her youth and cried out to Him – He heard her and rescued her.

God then brought a friend to Chaya who introduced her to Galatians 2:20.  This Bible verse spoke deeply to her heart and upon reading it, she understood it, and things began to make sense again. She made a decision to serve this wonderful God who had fully healed and restored her blackened heart.  Where before she knew hurt, bitterness and pain, she now, by God’s healing grace, began to know joy, peace and love.

Music remained in Chaya’s life, stronger than ever. In the past few years Chaya has continued to endure hardships: in a 2 month period Chaya lost her best friend Esther (due to a car accident), her grandma-in-law, and her dad, then later miscarried her first baby. Through it all, she continues to write her songs for God, singing to Him and singing about Him so that other people may come to know His wonderful love, hope and healing. In the midst of it all, God has richly blessed her with a wonderful marriage and a beautiful baby girl.